Lush Oil Shot 100 ml

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Lush Oil Shot is an all-in-one oil. You don't need to have four different oils on the shelf anymore, this delicious oil covers every need.Lush Oil Shot is a moisturising and organic oil, that penetrates the skin quickly and leaves it silky smooth.

The oil is based on Argan oil which has a very high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It is full of powerful antioxidants, that are both preventive and repairing the aging of the skin and hair.

The oil is also wonderful at relieving all over eczema, inflammation, pimples, scars, pigment spots, and superficial stretch marks.

It contains essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender, and Geranium which has a soothing effect on the skin and is especially good for sensitive and dry skin.

To use:
Facial oil - use the oil alone or as a base under a cream. It has a nice effect on mature skin where it appears firming and softening. It is also really good for young and problematic skin, as it contains oils with a soothing and antiseptic effect.

Body oil - The Lush Oil can be used as a moisturizing and softening oil all over the body, it has a lovely mild scent of chamomile and lavender which is very relaxing.

Hair Oil - Can be used as a nourishing oil for split ends and dry lifeless hair, it will provide shine and care.

Hair Treatment - Use the oil as a hair treatment for a dry and irritated scalp or for dry frizzy hair.
Moisten your hair and then add the oil to the scalp and/or hair - massage it well.
Put a warm towel around your head and let the oil work for an hour or even overnight.
Then wash your hair.


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