Knottyboy Leave in Dreadlock Conditioning Spray Purple Haze & Lavender LAATSTE STUK!

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  • light, leave-in conditioning spray for mature locks
  • softens and strengthens dry or fragile dreads
  • replenishes lost moisture, increasing elasticity and preventing breakage 
  • smooths, grooms and tidies frizzy, loose hair 
  • mix n match between three heavenly fragrances!

Designed for dreadlocks over 1 year old, the all natural Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioning Spray is a light, leave-in miracle moisturizer that defrizzes, softens, smooths and strengthens dry locks that are feeling fuzzy or fragile, while leaving them smelling simply heavenly!

Why is conditioning dreadlocks important? Over time, dreads can become dry and prone to breakage and brittleness. However, most would agree that using slippery, chemical-based conditioners is generally not the best idea for keeping all those hard-earned knots tight and tidy. Knotty Boy Conditioning Spray is a light mist that instantly replenishes lost moisture and elasticity while keeping knots strong, and if desired, can just be applied to the areas needing help, without having to wet the whole head.

In addition to dramatically boosting overall dreadlock health, Knotty Boy Conditioning Sprays smooth the fuzzy 'halo' down around your head that can occur when locks are washed regularly, making dreads groomed, tight and tidy, which can be important especially in a professional environment


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